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Pleating Machine / Pintucking Machine

This machine is really unique on the market and allows customers to quite many processes and people doing the pleats. It makes perfect pleats, using a computerizing process, very easy to use, where you can define distance between pleats, height of each pleat and where it starts a pleat and where it ends. Each pleat is considered one independent process by the computer, means that you can define the second pleat to be made completely different than the first in the aspects referred previously. It works with all kind of fabrics.

Minimum height of the pleat: 2mm (in some fabrics it is possible to be 1mm) and it works with all the fabrics. Maximum height of the pleat 25mm. Distance between each pleat: as much as you need, no problem. Maximum working area for the standard machine: 850mm.

First & unique in the world. Already famous machine is able to make pleats in total automatic way. You select the quantity, size and space and machine does the rest with a perfection and fastness that is impossible to reach when done manually.