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Cloth Spreading Machines

Faldatore per tubolare / Tubular spreading machine
The spreading machine series 825 folds tubular clothes of any natural or synthetic fiber, coming from rolls or folds. Preparing the machine for changing from one kind of cloth to the other is fast and easy. The machine feeds the fabric when it is both moving forwards and backwards, laying the cloth layers in Zig-Zag, according to the pre-adjusted length.The cloth pre-feeding stage, independent from the back and forth movement of the machine, is obtained through an electronically controlled device. The cloth is constantly and gradually unrolled, transporting the cloth to the feeding roller, eliminating any stretch or pulling of the cloth. It is also activated by a DC and electronically controlled motor.

  • Zig-Tub folding device
  • Fold-counter with pre-selection device to program the number of sheets to be laid
  • Detector pin for the cloth height
  • Emergency brake
  • Electronic balancer for regulating the cloth tension
  • Cloth pre-feeding and feeding system with electronic control by means of reversing rollers
  • Potentiometers for correcting the feeding while working
  • Manual knob with speed control for folding in semi-automatic mode
  • Automatic folding cycle

Band-knife machine for cutting any type of fabric, knitted or woven, open or tubular, made by natural or man-made fibres. Available with standard table ( model 870 ) or with air-blowing table ( model 870S ).

  • Inverter for blade speed adjustment from 10 to 20 mt/sec
  • Maximum cutting height 30cm
  • Precise curve cutting thanks to upper blade guide and adjustable lower guiding plates
  • Large size table 220 x 150 cm
  • Useful cutting area on the right blade side 120 cm
  • Blade blocking safety device in case of blade breakage
  • Blade tensioning device to automatically compensate any tension variation
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Grinding wheels blade sharpener

  • GL/ST lower blade guide to enhance the cutting of stiff fabrics
  • LL/870 blade lubricator for the cutting of heat-sensitive man-made fabrics

Stenditore / Spreading Machine
The spreading machine Model 111-F represents the new generation in terms of spreading stretch fabric. It is equipped with a pre-feeding cradle allowing to load, unload and spread the cloth without any roll supporting shaft. The cutting unit, with two reverse cylinders allows the operator to spread the cloth according to his particular requirements without disassembling and reassembling any mechanical units nor moving clamps or cams.

  • Digital controlled cloth spreading machine
  • Maximum roll diameter 45 cm
  • Maximum roll weight 80 Kg
  • Maximum spreading height with cut 22 cm
  • Maximum spreading speed 105 mt/min
  • Loader with double motor
  • Automatic threading system
  • Automatic spreading cycle
  • Belt feeding system controlled by balancer
  • PC touch screen
  • Horizontal roller cutting unit (Patented)
  • Spreading patterns: ply upon ply, cut
  • Zig-Zag, spreading mode
  • Speed adjustment while machine is working
  • Feeding speed adjustment when machine is working
  • Detector pin for cloth height
  • Selvaged edge alignment by means of photocells
  • Automatic overlapping

Heavy rolls and jeans spreading machines (SA/SSA)
Special spreading machine for laying big and very heavy rolls up to 80 cm diameter and to 300 kg weight. This version is also equipped with a supplementary feeding unit, made of roller covered with a material with an high friction coefficient, placed between the cloth roll and the main feeding roller. The main and the additional feeding units are driven by an electronically controlled motor. A dancer bar controls sharply the cloth tension balancing, in case of faulty tension, the speed of the motors till the correct tension is obtained. The machine can also lay rolls rolled in the opposite direction.

  • Standard folding system with catchers: ply upon ply, or Zig-Zag (2 ways)
  • Cutter unit with vertical cut
  • Semiautomatic feeding system
  • Automatic folding cycle
  • Fold-counter with pre-selection device to save the number of plies to be laid
  • Cloth feeler pin for the cloth height
  • Selvage alignment by means of the photocells
  • Electronic balancer for regulating the cloth tension
  • Speed governor while the machine is working
  • Potentiometer for adjusting the feeding speed while working