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Cutting Room Equipment

Layer Weight
We further stretch our range of Layer Weight Machines which are precisely and particular designed to suit your specific tailoring needs. Fabricated from superior quality raw material, this layer weight will not disappoint you in terms of efficiency, performance and durability.

These are available as Rubber molded weight which is very useful for spreading table due to which these are destined to find their place in different fashion houses and tailoring shops.

Fabric Roll Stand Movable
We are known as the leading suppliers of Movable Roll Stand which improves productivity and is most effective on roll fabric. During the spreading process, cloth rolls can be unwound through several traditional ways. Custom-made roll stands are used in factories which are generally kept on the floor. This gives rise to displacement problems and with this there can be tilts also during sudden tension. Table mounted roll stand is a completely practical and scientific solution to this problem which constitutes wrinkle free, neat and clean, and easily adjustable spreading system, depending further on the characteristics of the fabric. This can also help you to adjust fabric width as per specific requirements.

It not only helps you getting quality spreading by ensuring smooth movement of rolls but it also frees one/two hands, which finds it application in maintaining the roll movement in the traditional system.

Cloth Clamp
We make available a broad array of Cloth Clamps which is used as major cutting room equipment. Manufactured from high grade steel, rubber and other materials like plastic, these clamps are rust free and do not leave any stain or spot on the fabric.

These are used in different tailoring houses for holding the fabric or the clothing to make incisions saving both time and money. We make available these cloth clamps in different sizes and heights which can further adjusted to suit customer needs.

End Cutter
End cutter saves fabric, manpower & time, easy to operate.

Fabric Roll Stand
There is several traditional ways to unwind cloth rolls during the spreading process. Factories use custom-made roll stands, generally kept on the floor. This creates displacement problems and is prone to tilts during sudden tension. As a practical and scientific solution to this problem is table mounted roll stand. This provides wrinkle free, neat and clean, and easily adjustable spreading system, depending on the properties of the fabric. Even fabric width can be adjustable as per specific requirements

Besides giving better quality spreading by ensuring smooth movement of rolls, the stand also eliminates one/two hands, which are used for maintaining the roll movement in the conventional system.

Fabric Slitting Machine
Features :
  • Principal axis and circular knife use step less speed regulation system, it enables to change rotating speed and control positive/negative switching.
  • Equipped with automatic blade sharpen device, can be sharpened without move blades; with dust cleaning equipment, keep fabric and track clean.
  • Using high precision system to control cutting width, with precision ball screw and slide, control cutting width of 0.1mm, to achieve high precision cutting.
  • Using screw ball and slide track, parallel to cut, Using step less speed regulation AC motor, steadily move without abrasion to get the best quality.
  • Using LCD screen, can be directly input kinds of cutting width, and amount; Equipped with the conversion functions of manual or automatic.
  • Using rapidly feeding design, you can operate it easily.