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Template/Profile Sewing

We have been dealing in garment manufacturing equipment’s since many years. We would like to introduce Template sewing/Profile sewing, Can be used in basic single needle lockstitch machine and automatic Template sewing machine.
  • For labour saving, quality control and speed-up
  • Template used in sewing operation to standardise and make sewing process quicker.
  • The fabric is usually controlled by a template/jig.
  • The material is fixed in the template/jig.
  • Maintain quality as the machine run through the profile cut out.

This type of equipment allows the accurate and repeatable production of components without marking, having very consistent quality at increased production rates.
Collar, Cuff, pocket without creasing, Jeans pocket without creasing, Loop finish in one operation, Flap in one operation, Half-moon on T-shirt without creasing etc.

Template Sewing Machines